Built from the grounds up.

Creating destinations of our locations through our curated menus, events and experiences since 2015. 




Meticulously sourced

Partnering with Origin Coffee Roasters, we are committed to sourcing and serving the finest quality speciality coffee. Our team of baristas are meticulous about the delivery of every cup and continually develop new menus and brews



Eat Drink Meet


Our motto at Foundation is ‘Coffee is Everything’. This is because coffee is at the heart of everything that we do, and it informs how we approach everything that FDN Coffee has to offer: with quality, consideration and constant refinement. That’s not to say coffee is all that we have on offer.

We are all about creating an environment where people can eat, drink, meet or shop. Our design led spaces create a backdrop where people can socialise, host meetings, showcase artworks, hold workshop, learn about coffee and more – with a high quality menu of the finest coffee, cocktails, brunch and cakes to compliment.





Foundation Coffee House (FDN) is one of Manchester’s largest independent coffee shops. We strongly believe in our brand; the quality of the product, the functional and inspirational spaces we have created and the culture we have imbued within our team.

Owned and operated by NoChintz – a creative studio based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter: creativity is at the heart of FDN and drives forwards is standards and experiences. Striving for an original, authentic and unique customer experience.



NoChintz Studio

Manchester, UK


Foundation is a portfolio space, owned and operated by NoChintz. It showcases their multidisciplinary approach and experience of delivering aspirational brands and spaces.

NoChintz are a creative studio with a focus on interior design and branding. Their holistic approach is leading the way in the next generation of commercial ventures. Activating, attracting and retraining communities which define and re-position a neighbourhood.

Their team are able to assist at every stage; from inception to delivery and throughout the lifetime of your business. Not Just creating the space, but helping to manage your marketing and brand.