This brand new exhibition brings together an exclusive collection of portraits created on the Yoga Teaches of Manchester as a way of celebrating of the diversity, dedication and devotion of their practice and teachings in the city of Manchester. 

Yoga is a personal, deep and beautiful practice of self exploration. It can be movement, breath, sweat, stillness, silence, loudness, individual and the connection to others and yourself. 
It is down to the individual to find whatever they are looking for. 
This exhibition was created by Madeleine Penfold to showcase the diverse and incredible teachers we have in our city, 


To all of my teachers who inspired me and the ones I am yet to meet, thank you. 

MPenfold_MCRYOGATeachers_DF 249.jpg
MPenfold_MCRYOGATeachers_AE 57.jpg
MPenfold_Yoga_Teachers_MCR 66.jpg